Course Overview

The Power of Intuitive Flow™ – Overview of the 7 Modules

Module 1 – Introduction: Awakening Your Intuitive Capacity

We are all born with the innate capacity to intuit and receive higher guidance, however many of us have not been taught how to harness and activate this gift in our lives. In this introductory session, we share the types of intuition, how to open yourself to intuit and understanding the different levels of your authentic energetic nature.

Module 2 – Connecting with Your Source

We are all connected to an incredible source of intuitive power. When we learn to plug back into this consciousness we start to receive greater guidance and insight. In this session, you will learn how to trust your intuitive nature, how to plug into a greater source and consciousness and how to ask the right questions that help you receive clear guidance.

Module 3 – Clearing Your Intuitive Channel

As an energetic being it is important that you learn to keep your channel of energy clear, whole and complete. In this session, we share techniques and practices for opening and clearing your energetic centres, while also learning how to work with them to become a more open channel and conduit for universal creativity, inspiration, insight and wisdom.

Module 4 – Expanding Your Intuitive Awareness

In this session, you will learn how to project your consciousness and awareness to intuit information, guidance and understanding from the world around. You will also learn how to reach into the universal field to ‘read’ people, places, situations and events in your life and make more empowered decisions and choices.

Module 5 – Making Powerful Decisions and Choices

Your destiny is defined by the quality of the decisions and choices you make in each moment. Many of us have been conditioned to make choices from a place of ego and fear, which is why we are often unable to discern the subtle, yet hidden guidance of our own soul and intuition. In this session, we unfold the empowered path to making desirable decisions.

Module 6 – Becoming a Channel for Higher-Guidance

When you are clear in yourself and intuitive flow, you become a conduit and vessel for higher guidance to flow. In this session, we begin to explore the domain of ‘creative flow’ and ‘divine inspiration’ as way to bring through a constant stream of universal intelligence, insight, inspiration and creativity into your life.

Module 7 – Powerfully Co-Creating Your Life with Grace and Flow

While our lives may not always be easy, we have all been granted the grace and free will to reshape our lives for optimum flow and fulfilment. Living an intuitive life means learning how to live in harmony with every situation, person and event that presents in your life with the ‘inner-knowing’ that whatever happens – you’ll handle it, grow from it and learn from it.